Bajaj Motorcycle Price Hiked

Bajaj motorcycle hiked the price of all motorcycles. A cost of Rs. 1500 is increased for all the motorcycles.  From April 2016, all the motorcycle manufactures have been asked to adhere to the Bharat Stage IV emission norms & standards. All motorcycles should be installed with BS IV emission norms from April 2017 and due to this, there is an impact in the production cost as well in procuring raw materials.


Bajaj Auto Ltd President (Motorcycle) Eric Vas said “All two-wheeler manufacturers in the country are trying to be BS-IV compliant by April next year. We want to be the first ones to transition to the next emission levels, As a consequence of shifting to BS-IV norms we will be hiking the prices of our bikes between Rs 700 and Rs 1,500, depending upon specific models, from next month.”

The price hike will not affect the price of newly launched Dominar 400. Newly manufactured bikes are already in compliance to BS-IV from Bajaj and mostly by mid of next month all the bikes of Bajaj will be following BS-IV emission norms.

The price hike will be affect by January 1 2017. All other manufactures and its existing motorcycles are to comply with Bharat Stage IV emission standards from April 2017.

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