Limited edition Royal Enfield sold out in 26 minutes

Royal Enfield announced the prices for the 200 units of its limited edition motorcycle inspired by the Despatch riders on July 8, 2015. The bookings for 200 units began at 10 AM on July 15, 2015 and it took just 26 minutes for this limited edition motorcycle to go off the shelf. All the 200 units of the motorcycle, 100 units each of two colour variants, were sold out in just 26 minutes.

Available in two colour variants in India , Desert Storm Despatch and Squadron Blue Despatch – only 100 units of each colour were manufactured for sale in the local market. The limited edition Despatch motorcycles were priced at Rs. 224,752 (on road, Mumbai) and the booking process was executed on company’s official website

While you cannot lay your hands on this limited edition motorcycle – unless you managed to grab one of the 200 units in those 26 minutes – here are some details about the Despatch rider inspired motorcycles. Each Royal Enfield Despatch motorcycle has been handcrafted using a film transfer technique that uses a hands-on process to transfer the camouflage pattern on the motorcycle’s skin, making each motorcycle to be only one of its kind to ever to roll out of the production line.

Each Royal Enfield Despatch motorcycle comes with genuine Italian leather seats accompanied by a classic leather buckle strap to hold the air filter box. Inspired by the stealthy, non-reflective paint on the engines of the original Despatch Rider motorcycles, the bike gets a matte black paint on the engine, exhaust and silencer.

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