Spero E-Bike launched in India – Pre-order price starts from RS. 29,900 to Rs. 50,900.

Spero E-Bike launched in India. It is the first crowd funded electric eco friendly bike. The E-Bike will be available in 3 different models. You can now pre-order the bike. The pre-order price starts from RS. 29,900 to Rs. 50,900.
The 48V battery can be charged from 20% to 80% in about 4 hours. On a full charge mode the E-Bike can ride upto 60KM to 100KM which depending upon the models. The bike can reach 0-25 kmph in about 10 seconds. The users can charge the bike by using 5amp socket or can charge in the simple ride by pedaling. The battery comes with warranty of 1 Year.

Spero E-Bike

There are 5 gears in the electric mode. A digital display is used toshow the speed of the bike at running time and the battery charge level. The users can also use the cruise control feature which can lock to max speed.

Pre-booking is cheaper, the MRP price of Spero E30 is Rs. 55,500 (Pre-booking price is Rs. 29,900 for first 20 and Rs. 33900 for next 80 customers), Spero E60 MRP price is Rs. 64,800 (pre-booking price is Rs. 34,900 for first 10, Rs. 36,900 for next 25 and Rs. 39,900 for next 15 customers) and the Spero E100 MRP price is Rs. 84,900 (Pre-booking price is Rs. 47,900 for first 10 and Rs. 50,900 for next 40 customers).Spero E-Bike

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