Top 10 fuel-efficient petrol cars in India

The Diesel cars are generally more fuel efficient than petrol cars, Due to the shortining of diesel in India, petrol is slowly coming more into focus.advances in technology have resulted in improvement in the latter’s efficiency too. While taking the Price listbetween the two fuels, the Petrol cars aremore cheaper thandiesel cars.
Here we are introducing top 10 fuel-efficient petrol cars:

1)Datsun Redigo

Datsun Redigo

Datsun Redigo, a small hatchback car with a modern urban design. It is not the most well-equipped or most spacious car, but with that low price tag, high fuel efficiency and the stand-out styling, it does have its plus points… read more

2)Renault Kwid


Renault Kwid is a small hatchback with SUV-like styling. The top-spec variant comes with a touchscreen infotainment system. It comes with a low price tag, and comes with a 800cc engine. The Renault Kwid allows you to run 25.17km on a litre of petrol… read more

3)Maruti Alto 800


Now a days India’s one of the most popular small car, The Alto 800.  For its price, it is hard to beat. However, it is still a great proposition, mainly because it is backed by Maruti’s large service network… read more

4)Maruti Alto K10


Maruti Alto K10 is a better looking and more upmarket version of the Alto 800. Maruti Alto K10 comes with more powerful engine than Alto 800.  As an urban runabout, it’s a great choice. Also, it comes with an automatic variant that is claimed to be just as fuel efficient as the manual.

5)Tata Tiago


Tata Tiago comes with new features, new design and the latest small hatchback. It is also stylish but still practical interiors and a good amount of equipment. Its size and features puts it in a segment that’s slightly above the other cars, but the engine is a bit lacklustre in terms of performance. The Tata TYiago comes with a mileage of 23.84kpl

6)Tata Nano GenX

20150428125410_PFD_6245 copy

The Nano GenX is a great improvement over the original Nano. However, it is let-down by its image, poor ride quality and lack of luggage space. In addition to being very affordable, the car is quite spacious and easy to manoeuvre, and comes with a few interesting features like power steering and Bluetooth.

7)Maruti Celerio


The Celerio is a car that believes in that chance. Equipped with amazing features and the very best of technology, it offers you all that you would want in a family car…. read more

8)Maruti Baleno


Maruti’s new premium hatchback car, The Baleno, It features fresh styling, great interiors, a long equipment list, and delivers a strong performance. It’s quite fuel efficient.

9)Hyundai Eon


Hyundai Eon,The oldest car in this list, but it is quite stylish still, and decently equipped too.
The 814cc engine is not the best performer, but it does deliver good fuel efficiency.

10)Maruti Swift Dzire


Swift Dzire comes with a good amount of equipment. It is the only sedan that has made this list. If you are looking for boot space the Dzire is your best bet. Swift Dzire comes with a fuel efficiency of 20.85kpl



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